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SCIS held thematic training on the topic: “Protection of Automated Information Systems or Networks”

On 12th and 13th November 2015 the State Commission on Information Security held training on the topic: “Protection of Automated Information Systems and Networks”. In the training which was held in SCIS Headquarters in Sofia 15 AIS/N Security Officers and System Administrators participated from Organizational Entities of the executive power and its local administration, the judicial system, municipalities and private companies.    

The experts of SCIS – lectors and leaders of practical courses during the training presented in details the specific features during planning and implementing of measures for protection of classified information, processed in AIS/N, the accreditation of such networks, the protection against compromising electromagnetic emanations, cryptographic security. According to the updated training program several practical courses were held concerning the preparation of security documents. The trainees were introduced to the protection of European Union and NATO classified information which is processed within communication and information systems.

The trainees raised many specific questions to which they received detailed answers.