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Physical Security

The physical security of the classified information includes system of measures, ways and means for preventing unauthorized access to materials, documents, technique and equipment classified as state or official secret. The system is part of the overall security requirements on the protection of classified information and includes common and specific measures, threat assessment, as well as the requirements and standards for the physical security of the classified information.

The system of measures has for purpose:

• The protection of buildings, premises and facilities where classified information is originated, handled and stored;
• The establishment of organization for exercising efficient control over the access to them.

According to the Classified Information Protection Act (CIPA) physical security is implemented for the protection of classified information against any threat or damage resulting from terrorist attack, sabotage, unauthorized access to classified information or attempt for such access.

The measures for implementing physical security are described in details in the Regulations on the System of Measures, Ways and Means for the Physical Security of Classified Information and the Terms and Procedures of Their Implementation, adopted with a Decree No. 52 dated 4 March 2003, promulgated in State Gazette, No. 22 dated 11 March 2003.

The assessment of the level of protection achieved in the implementation of measures, means and ways for the protection of classified information is done by applying the Methodology foe evaluation of the means for physical security (adopted during session of SCIS with Protocol) No. 165-1/30 June 2004, amended with Decision No. 26-I/10 April 2012 of SCIS) and after filling out an Evaluation Table.

The methodology provides for flexibility in the selection of the means aiming at achieving the necessary protection of the physical security of the classified information.