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The State Commission on Information Security held mandatory initial training of security officers in its Training center in the period 16-20 January 2012

The training was held in accordance with a program including main themes of the Classified Information Protection Act (CIPA) and the Regulation on its implementation. The lecturers from the SCIS put an accent on the risks for the interests of the Republic of Bulgaria in the field of the protection of classified information, the different types of classified information and the measures for its protection and the administrative-penal responsibility under the CIPA. Practical courses on personnel and documentary security of the classified information were held, as well as on the implementation of the SCIS and its sub legal acts on the maintenance of the activities of the registries and the unified registers.

In the inquiry made all of the participants expressed the opinion that the training was completely beneficial for their work.

On behalf of the trainers readiness for providing help and assistance in case of question s on the implementation of the CIPA and the sub legal regulatory framework in this field was expressed.