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Working meeting on discussing the organization of the activities on transmitting the diplomatic mail

On 10 June 2011 at 9.00 in the State Commission on Information Security (SCIS) located on 90 Cherkovna Str. a third working meeting on discussing the organization of the transmission of the diplomatic mail in the Diplomatic service was held. The reason for the meeting was necessity for optimization of the courier routes during the carriage of documents and materials containing classified information as well as other diplomatic mail.

During the meeting attended representatives of the SCIS, the Ministry of Interior, National Intelligence Service, the Defence Information Service, the State Agency for National Security, the Special Courier Service, the Commission on the Protection of Personal Data, the Ministry of Finance, the Chief Directorate Combating against Organized Crime – Ministry of Interior and Bulgarian Identity Documents Directorate – Ministry of Interior.

The participants in the meeting agreed on the following decisions:

1) Optimization of the courier routes at the expense of their frequency and the type of the consignments and the preparation of schedule of the courier routes with regard to the concrete needs of each department to which all of the participants in the meeting will be aware of;

2) Introducing of amendments to the Instruction for the organization of the activities on the carriage of diplomatic mail in the Diplomatic service. In order that aim to be achieved the idea for creating an expert group consisting of representatives of the interested authorities was adopted, after coordination with heads of these organizational entities.

3) The first meeting of the expert group in accordance with paragraph 2 to be held on 22 June 2011 at 10.00 at the SCIS.