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SCIS introduces the Annual report on the overall activity of the classified information protection in the Republic of Bulgaria during 2018

On June 13th and 14th  2019 in the city of Borovets, a seminar was held, where Mr. Boris Dimitrov – the SCIS Chairperson presented the main points and conclusions of the Annual report concerning the overall status of the protection of classified information of the Republic of Bulgaria in the year 2018.

Mr. Dimitrov presented the results achieved in the previous year by SCIS as a National Authority on classified information protection and up to date questions on the activities of the competent authorities in the field of information security as he did a short analysis on the measures applied on the types of protections of classified information.

The seminar was attended by Security Officers of state authorities, security and public order services, judicial authorities and experts from the specialized administration of SCIS. Special guest was Mr. Georgi Krustev, a counselor of the political cabinet of the prime-minister of the Republic of Bulgaria and secretary of the Security Council to the Council of Ministers.

The Chairperson of SCIS highlighted the benefits of holding working and theme meetings of the State Commission on Information Security with the security officers.