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On 08.11.2019 SCIS marks 17 years since its inception

Seventeen years since its inception SCIS affirmed its central place in the national system for classified information protection. It has stable cooperation with security and civil protection authorities, classified information protection officers and the organizational units. SCIS has achieved an administrative capacity for completing the functions implemented in the Classified Information Protection Act as well as international recognition as the National Security Authority for the Republic of Bulgaria.

The variety of activities and their effective execution have created an image of SCIS as a reliable national authority who, with the aid of its administration, successfully achieved the goal of the Classified Information Protection Act – the protection of the classified information from an unauthorized access and the protection of the foreign classified information provided to the Republic of Bulgaria.

Further proof for that are the assessments of the NATO and EU inspections and the high evaluation they have given to the work of SCIS.

In the following year SCIS will continue its activity for system improvement and achieving its long term goals for effectively guaranteeing classified information protection either made in the Republic of Bulgaria or received from other nations or international organizations.