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On 8th November 2018 SCIS celebrated its 16th Anniversary

Today, of hindsight, we are proud to note that faced with the challenge of regulating the public relations related to the protection of state secrets, the SCIS achieved the desired results.

As a national body that implements the Republic of Bulgaria's policy on the protection of classified information, the SCIS has established and confirmed its place among the other bodies of the national system. At the same time, it also embodied the idea of the need for civil control over certain areas of activity in the field of national security. In its specific dimension, this idea, built up through the presentation of the annual report on the overall activity on the status of the protection of classified information, has confirmed its sustainability and meaning also with the adoption of the Commission's activity report in 2017. Both the report and the diversity of the activities of SCIS on the different types of security of information, the fulfillment of the obligations under the international treaties, the organization and the conduct of trainings established the leading role of the SCIS and turned it into a modern and well-functioning structure.