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Meeting of the Chairperson of SCIS Mrs. Tsveta Markova with representatives of International Anti-mafia Caravan

Today, 12 May 2011, the Chairperson of SCIS Mrs. Tsveta Markova carried out a meeting with representatives of the International Anti-mafia Caravan, project of the Italian organization Arci Sicilia which encourages social justice and society – free of organized criminality under the form of training workshops, conferences, meetings with the municipal authorities and civil society, open events and etc.
The project is being realized with the financial support of the European Commission in the frames of the program Prevention and combating against criminality.

In 2011 in international plan in 2011 Bulgaria together with Switzerland, France, Albania, Bosnia, Serbia is within the destinations for promoting of the objectives of the project and establishing of European network for exchange of experience, good practices, working methodologies and means in the field of prevention and combating crime.

Mrs. Markova welcomed the representatives of the initiative and presented in brief the activities of SCIS. She expressed confidence that the project will find wide support and partnership with similar civil organizations in Bulgaria and wished success.