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Signing of collective labour contract for the employees of the State commission on information security contracted under the Labour Code

On 22nd November 2018 in the Headquarters of the State Commission on Information Security (SCIS) collective labour contract was signed for the employees of SCIS employed under legal relation as per the Labour Code. It shall enter into force on 1st January 2019 and will be valid for the term of 2 (two) years until 31st December 2020. On behalf of the employer SCIS the collective labour contract was signed by Mr. Boris Dimitrov – Chairperson of SCIS and for the Syndicates by Mr. Krastyo Boyanov – Chair of the Federation of Independent Syndicates of State Governance and Organizations and Mrs. Delcho Vartiyski – Chair of the Syndicates’ organization of SCIS.

It is consecutive Collective Labour Contract for the State Commission on Information Security. It regulates the labour, insurance and social relations which are not set in the imperative provisions of the Labour Code and the legislation in force which is related thereto. The new collective contract provides that for the workers and employees who are Party to this Contract, are entitled to uniforms in compliance to the legislation in force and the rest of the workers and employees have to be provided with finances for personal protection means and the necessary clothing. 

The negotiations and the signing of the Collective Labour Contract were held in the spirit of dialogue and mutual understanding between the Parties.