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In the period 12 – 15 September 2016 in the capital of Sweden Stockholm the 31st Annual Meeting of the Multinational Industrial Security Working Group – (MISWG) was held. This year’s meeting was hosted by the National Security Authority of the Kingdom of Sweden.
On behalf of the State Commission on Information Security experts from Legal and International Legal Affairs Specialized Directorate participated in the meeting.
The State Secretary under the Minister of Defense of Sweden extended greeting address to the participants and emphasized on the importance of the forum as an opportunity to extend international cooperation with a view to globalization and the more and more international character of industry. At the same time, the lack of geographic boundaries is also an opportunity for easy realization of the risks and threats to security. 

During the meeting working documents of MISWG were updated. Very interesting discussion was held of the issues with regard to the control over the impact of foreign companies and the evaluation of the risks for the security of the classified information in the context of industrial security.
The MISWG meeting in 2017 will be hosted by the National Security Authority of the Kingdom of Belgium.