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An industrial security meeting was held

On 25 February, 2009, at 10 o’clock at the Information center of the Ministry of Defense, on 106, Rakovski Blvd., the State Commission on Information Security held a meeting on industrial security.

Representatives of the Ministry of economy and energy, of more than 20 Bulgarian companies and trade associations, and of the security services, took part in the meeting.
Issues related to the amendments of the regulatory framework on the classified information protection were discussed and analysis of the results of the inspection held in October 2008 by the NATO Security Office was made.
Accent in the presentation, made by an expert of the State Agency “National Security”, was put on the requirements for the establishment and the accreditation of the automated information systems and networks.

In the briefing of the representative of the Ministry of economy and energy special attention was devoted to the Ordinance for the participation of Bulgarian companies in international procedures of NATO, as well as to some of the practical aspects of its implementation.