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Joint session between the State Commission on Information Security and the Foreign Policy and Defence Committee of the National Assembly

On 24 March 2010 the State Commission on Information Security carried out a joint session with the Foreign Policy and Defence Committee of the National Assembly. 

At the beginning of the meeting Mrs. Markova outlined the importance of the SCIS not only as a state authority which carries out the policy of the Republic of Bulgaria on the classified information protection, but also as National security authority of the Republic of Bulgaria according to NATO and EU criteria.

The role of the bilateral agreements on exchange and protection of classified information with states that are not members of NATO or EU was also emphasized, as they represent a legal instrument facilitating the development of the relations of the Republic of Bulgaria with other states, not only in the field of classified information protection, but in all the spheres of public life. 

On behalf of the members of the Parliament questions were raised regarding to the duration of the vetting procedures for issuing of security clearance, the problems with the correct determination of classification levels and the observed tendency towards groundless marking with higher classification levels of documents, containing classified information, as well the necessity for legislative amendments in the regulatory framework on classified information protection.

Mrs. Markova answered in details to the questions, and stressed on the importance of training as essential element of classified information protection and one of the important functions of the SCIS.

The deputies thanked for the initiative of the SCIS regarding to the joint session that was held, stressed on their interest to the issues discussed and expressed willingness for future cooperation with the Commission.

The joint session was conducted at the building of the SCIS and was carried out in the environment of constructive dialogue.