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Working meeting between the Chairperson of the State Commission on Information Security Mrs. Tsveta Markova and the Chairperson of the Bulgarian - Catalonian Commerce Chamber Mr. Manel Riera

On 8 March 2010 in Sofia the Chairperson of the State Commission on Information Security Mrs. Tsveta Markova carried out a working meeting with the Chairperson of the Bulgarian - Catalonian Commercial Chamber Mr. Manel Riera.

During the meeting Mr. Riera presented in brief its activity in Bulgaria. He makes consultations in the field of long-term planning; he assists the preparations of projects for financing by European funds.  Mr. Riera expressed his willingness for close cooperation by stressing that the experience of Spain as EU member state would be of benefit to Bulgaria. He told that the first years of membership were as difficult as they are for Bulgaria but he sees potential in our country that could be developed.

On her behalf Mrs. Markova presented the possibilities for deepening and extension of the bilateral relations provided by the signed Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Government of the Kingdom of Spain on mutual protection and exchange of classified information. She introduced Mr. Riera to the idea for carrying out a meeting between the Bulgarian Defence Industry Association and representatives of Spain from the field of military industry.

Mrs. Markova presented in brief the international relations which the SCIS carries out in accordance with its legal powers and gave to Mr. Riera a Digest with the chronological description of this activity from the establishment of the SCIS up to the present moment.  She introduced the guest with the practice of the Commission in organizing workshops in the field of industrial security with leading Bulgarian companies.

Mr. Riera gave his high estimation for the professionalism in the activities of the SCIS by emphasizing the importance of the authorities like SCIS with a view to the international prestige of the state.

Both parties confirmed their readiness for future cooperation.

The meeting was carried out at the building of the SCIS and was conducted in a working atmosphere.