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National meeting of the territorial structures of the State Commission on Information Security

In the period 27th – 28th April 2017 in the Training center of SCIS National meeting between SCIS, the heads of the territorial structures of the Special Courier Service – SCIS and the heads of the central administration of SCIS was held.

The Chairperson of SCIS presented the current results in the frames of the process of merging Special Courier Service into SCIS and outlined the priorities for the future months. The heads of the territorial structures were introduced in details to the functions of the directorates from the central administration, the requirements with regard to the financial activities, specialized activities and decision-making processes.

On behalf of the Special Courier Service Directorate several specific features in the coordination of interactions were pointed out with a view to the need of operational rapidity of reaction in daily activities.

As a summary the Chairperson of SCIS emphasized that all internal acts of the institution are in the process of amendment in a way which reflects the changes in the activities of SCIS required by virtue of law. He declared that such meetings will be regular having in mind the necessity of direct contact between the central and territorial structures by which better synchronization in the activities of the different departments located on the territory of the whole country is achieved.