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In the Training center of the SCIS in Bankya initial training in the field of the protection of classified information of security officers was held

In the period 26-30 September 2011 a mandatory initial training of 16 security officers from the administration of the Commission for Establishing of Property Acquired from Criminal Activity, from the judicial system and from companies is being held. A bigger part of the trainees (63 %) has worked less that a year in the capacity of security officer. 

According to the training programme the lecturers of the SCIS introduced to the trainees basic subjects from the Classified Information Protection Act (CIPA) and the Regulation on its implementation including the risks for the interests of the Republic of Bulgaria in the field of the protection of classified information, the particular aspects of the types of protection of classified information and the system of authorities in this field. Particular attention was paid to the status, the rights and obligations of security officer, the direct control checks and the administrative-penal responsibility according to the CIPA. Practical courses on personnel and documentary security were held with the participants, including the classification, the marking, the designation and the destruction of classified information.

The lecturers from the SCIS expressed readiness for providing help and assistance on requests about issues concerning the implementation of the CIPA and the sub-legal framework in this field as well as on other issues related to the activities of security officers on the protection of classified information.
The training finished with an outgoing test for checking the knowledge of the trainees. A great part of them (69%) took the test with an excellent grade, the rest - with a good grade and only one with satisfactory grade.

In the inquiry that was made the participants expressed the opinion that the training was completely or to a great extent useful for their activity as security officers. Half of the trainees have pointed out in their inquiries that the objectives of the program were entirely fulfilled. An excellent evaluation of the materials was given by 68% and of the lecturers by 81% of the inquired. Fifteen of sixteen participants have evaluated the organization as excellent, after the concrete proposals that were made the most interesting was the wish that a premise as an example of registry to be equipped at the Training center of the SCIS.

The Chairperson of the SCIS Mrs. Tsveta Markova held a concluding conversation with the security officers and presented to them certificates for completed training on the protection of classified information.