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Joint session of the State Commission on Information Security and the Commission on Internal Security and Public Order, 41st National Assembly

On 11 March 2010 the State Commission on Information Security carried out a joint session with the Commission on Internal Security and Public Order. 

During the session the prepared Annual report on the overall status of the classified information protection in the Republic of Bulgaria in 2009 was put on preliminary discussion, with the aim to introduce in advance the deputies to the conclusions made regarding to the status of the National system for the protection of classified information in 2009, and to the included recommendations, given during the discussion during plenary session of the Annual report for 2008, presented to the National Assembly in 2009.

On behalf of the deputies questions were raised regarding to the international cooperation which the SCIS carries out, and especially with regard to the negotiation procedures for the signing of Agreements on protection and exchange of classified information between the Republic of Bulgaria and states, that are not NATO and EU members.

Mrs. Markova presented detailed information on the issue, by pointing out that the states of priority for our country are determined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, according to the priorities of the Government on the foreign policy of the state.

The cooperation between the SCIS and the State Agency “National Security” was also discussed on issues, related to the personnel security of the classified information.

On behalf of the deputies a special attention was put on the training in the field of classified information and especially to the training of politicians.

Mrs. Markova stressed on the importance of the training as substantial element of classified information protection and one of the important functions of the SCIS. She clarified that one of the priorities of the NATO and EU policy is the realization of thorough training on the rules for classified information protection with the aim not only of knowing them, but of establishing of the so-called “security awareness”.

In conclusion the deputies pointed out the necessity for organizing training on classified information protection for politicians.

On its behalf the SCIS stressed that it shares the opinion for the necessity of such training and declared its readiness for that.

The deputies thanked the SCIS for the initiative of carrying out a joint session, emphasized their interest on the discussed issues and expressed willingness the discussion to be continued during a session of the Commission on Internal Security and Public Order. 

The joint session was carried out at the building of the SCIS and was conducted in constructive dialogue and working environment.