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Press-conference of the State Commission on Information Security on the occasion of its fourth anniversary

Holding press-conference on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the SCIS, Mrs. Tsveta Markova – Chairperson of the Commission made a brief summary on the achievements in implementation of the policy of the Republic of Bulgaria on the safeguarding of classified information and the cooperation with NATO and the EU.

For the period 2003-2006 the Commission has issued total number of:

-1834 clearances for national classified information, as 234 has been issued only in 2006
-3734 NATO clearances, as 1833 has been issued only in 2006
-1249 EU clearances, as 1034 has been issued only in 2006

SCIS certified total number of registries as follows:

-registries for classified information – 1185
-registries handling with NATO CI – 39
-registries handling with EU CI – 16

The State Commission has also performed its duties in the field of industrial security, supervising the implementation of requirements. A number of workshops, clarifying different aspects of the NATO procurement procedures were organized with the participation of representatives of Bulgarian companies, of the Ministry of Economy and Energy, of the MoD and of the security services.

It was also provided detailed information on the international security agreements signed and the forthcoming signings.

Regarding international affairs, the attention was turned to the recently organized Balkan Conference “International cooperation in the field of classified information protection as part of the regional security on the Balkans”. Heads and representatives of the national security authorities of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey and Montenegro participated there. Issues were discussed, regarding the administrative capacities of the NSAs, the legislative frameworks, the implementation of the national, the EU and the NATO regulations and others.