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Regulations Implementing the Classified Information Protection Act

Prom. SG. 115/10 Dec 2002, amend. SG. 22/11 Mar 2003, suppl. SG. 6/23 Jan 2004, amend. SG. 56/11 Jul 2006, amend. SG. 84/19 Oct 2007, amend. SG. 44/9 May 2008, amend. SG. 91/21 Oct 2008, amend. SG. 7/27 Jan 2009, amend. SG. 5/19 Jan 2010
Chapter one.
Art. 1.(1) With the regulation shall be provided:
1. the conditions and the order for conceding of classified information;
2. the order and the way for announcing of the list of the categories of information – official secret;
3. the marking of the classified information;
4. the order for conceding of data for entering in the register of art. 35 of the Law of protection of the classified information (LPCI) and the conditions and the order for making inquiries in it;
5. the procedure for investigating for reliability and its termination as well as the keeping of the files for the investigations;
6. the establishing and the functioning of the registries for classified information;
7. the measures, the techniques and the means for ensuring of documentary security;
8. the measures for ensuring of personal security of the classified information;
9. the system of principles and measures for ensuring of industrial security.
(2) The regulation shall be implemented also with regard to foreign classified information, conceded by other state or international organisation, as far as other is not provided by an international agreement, to which the Republic of Bulgaria is a party.