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Financial-Economic Activities and Property Management Directorate

• provides the financial services of the Commission;
• prepares the draft budget and budget prognosis of the Commission;
• accounts for the fulfilment of the budget;
• organizes, fulfils and controls the financial activity and the accountancy of the Commission in accordance with the legislation in force; 
• Organizes the accounting of the incomes and expenses of SCIS as per the Unified budget classification in accordance with the approved budget;
• Is responsible for the correct and efficient expenses of the budget funds in SCIS;
• provides the preservation of the book-keeping documents in accordance with the requirements of the Accountancy Act and the sublegal acts on its implementation as well as the internal rules and instructions; 
• is responsible for the correct usage and management of the property of the Commission;
• plans, organizes, develops and realizes investment projects connected to property and infrastructure;
• is responsible for supplying, storing, managing and using of materials and material reserves;
• organizes the reconstruction and maintenance of the a material base;
• is responsible for planning and participates through its representative in the awarding of public procurements procedures;
• is responsible for the transport activities of SCIS and its administration;
• organizes the maintenance, repair and technical examinations of the official cars and radio tools;
• organizes and controls the activities on ensuring healthy and safety working conditions;
• organizes the fulfilment of the activities related to the protection and prophylaxis of professional risks;
• organizes the cleaning and sanitary and hygienic conditions in the buildings of SCIS and their outside areas.

The “Financial-Economic Activities and Property Management” Directorate is comprised of 28 employees and is headed by Mrs. Izidora Petkova.