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Legal and International Legal Affairs Directorate

• Ensure legally the activity of the SCIS Chairperson, SCIS and its administration;
• Coordinate for lawfulness the acts of the SCIS Chairperson, as well as those of the Secretary General, issued in relevance with its delegated powers;
• Develop draft - regulations in the field of classified information protection and to give opinions on their relevance with the international standards in the above mentioned field;
• Develop and give motivated opinions on legal issues of SCIS competence;
• Assist the exercise of the general control of the classified information protection;
• Ensure in conjunction with the legal order the keeping of lawfulness of the activities of the general and specialized SCIS administration;
• Take part by its representatives in the procedures on SCIS employees’ appointment as well as to see for the acts’ lawfulness relevant to the arising, amendment and termination of the labour relations;
• Give opinions on the lawfulness of contracts, prepared by SCIS or proposed by other organizations;
• Exercise the procedural representation of SCIS before the courts and other legal bodies in cases of legal proceedings, in which SCIS is a side or has a legal interest;
• See for the lawfulness of the procedures on public procurements assigning in SCIS;
• Analyse the results of the implementation of the regulations and international contracts in the field of classified information protection as well as to give opinions on the necessity for undertaking relevant national legal measures;
• Analyse the experience and work of the international organizations and foreign legislation, to make researches on issues of international nature as well as to maintain relevant database;
• Elaborate projects, to organize, participate and coordinate the negotiations on international contracts in the field of classified information protection, as well as on international contracts for cooperation with similar bodies and security services from other countries or international organizations;
• Prepare motivated opinions for issuing authorizations for visits of persons to make inspections, as agreed in international treaties for mutual protection of the classified information;
• Coordinate the preparation and realization of programs and projects with international funding in the field of information protection;
• Assist the implementation of training on work with classified information;
• Participate in drafting Annual report on the overall activity on the status of the protection of the classified information.

The “Legal and International Legal Affairs” Directorate is comprised of 13 employees and is headed by Mr. Anton Borisov.