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Secretary General

The management of the administration is exercised by Secretary General who is appointed by the Chairperson and accounts before SCIS.

The Secretary-General manages, coordinates and controls the functioning of the administration of SCIS.

The Secretary-General:
• Assists the Members of the Commission in the fulfilment of their powers;
• Proposes to the Chairperson for approval draft agendas for the sessions of the Commission;
• Organizes the preparation of the sessions of the Commission by coordinating and controlling the preparation of the materials which are to be reviewed;
• Is responsible for the working conditions of the Commission and its administration;
• Controls the observation of the terms for the execution of tasks assigned with Decisions of SCIS and orders of the Chairperson;
• Coordinates the operational interaction of the administration of SCIS with the administrations of the state authorities and with non-governmental organizations;
• Prepares annual report on the condition of the administration which is presented to the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers after approval by the Chairperson of SCIS;
• Exercises overall control and coordination between the administrative departments of the Commission on the fulfilment of tasks assigned with Decisions of SCIS and orders of the Chairperson;
• Coordinates and controls the activity on the administration and management of the state property provided to the Commission;
• Organizes, coordinates and controls the handling of the documents and archives of SCIS and the activities on their storage;
• Approves the job-descriptions of the servants in the administration of SCIS;
• Fulfils other tasks assigned by the Chairperson or by the Commission through the Chairperson.

In the absence of the Secretary General these functions are exercised by director of directorate appointed by the Chairperson, on case-by-case basis.