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Security Directorate

The Security Directorate is headed by the Information Security Officer as per the Classified Information Protection Act and assists him/her in fulfilling his functions in accordance with the Law.

The Security Directorate has a duty to:
• Organise and fulfil the registration, accounting, distribution, storing and reproducing document and materials containing classified information;
• Is responsible for establishing, developing, exploiting and maintaining all communication and information systems and networks of SCIS;
• Draft and update the security documents of automated information systems and networks of SCIS designated for processing classified information;
• Develop an Action plan in case of unauthorized access to classified information in SCIS;
• Develop a Plan for protection of the classified information in case of war, military or other extraordinary situation;
• Account the cases of unauthorized access to classified information and measures undertaken, about which keeps informed the SCIS Chairperson immediately;
• Conduct ordinary vetting procedure as per CIPA of employees from SCIS administration;
• Conduct industrial security vetting procedures for the needs of SCIS together with the security and public order services;
• Organise and carry out the training of the administration of SCIS in the field of the protection of classified information;
• Develop a Plan for ensuring the security of the building of SCIS through physical and technical means and see to its execution;
• Organise, execute and control the activities on guarding and access regime in the state property managed by SCIS;
• Interact with the Security services and Public order services in ensuring SCIS initiatives;
• Be responsible for the establishment, development, exploitation and maintenance of the special security systems in SCIS;
• Organise the defensive and mobilization training and be responsible for the readiness for response in case of crises;
• Participate in the training on handling classified information;
• Participate in drafting Annual report on the overall activity on the status of the protection of the classified information.

The Security Directorate consists of 34 employees and is headed by Mr. Dimitar Gutsalski.