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About the center

The Training Center of the SCIS is located in the Town of Bankya , Mihaylovo District, Kostovo ravnishte Area


The Training Center of the SCIS in Bankya is open throughout the whole year and provides the possibility for conducting workshops, trainings, business meetings and other events.

The Training Center of the SCIS has three training halls with a capacity of up to 100 seats, fully technically equipped. All of the halls are air conditioned and have unlimited access to Internet.

The hotel part offers one apartment and 22 double rooms, furnished with two single beds. All rooms have a terrace and their own WC.

In order that you keep yourself fit even on the road, you have at your disposal a sports center, equipped with fitness hall and sauna. In the yard of the Center there is a multifunctional sports ground for football and volleyball, a tennis court and an alcove for resting. Backgammon, chess, cards and table tennis bats are available at the reception.


Bankya is a small, picturesque town located west from Sofia on the highway Belgrade – Sofia – Kulata.

It is located at the foot of the Liulin Mountains among greenery and with many sunny days and a moderate continental climate, caressed by a slight mountain breeze, and healing mineral waters – qualities that determine the development of Bankya as a prestigious national and international resort, and an ecological reserve of Sofia.

The climate, the healing qualities of the mineral waters, the rich sanatorium – a resort complex with highly qualified medical specialists and the thousands of patients who have recovered from heart conditions and strokes are the best image of the town. The resort is a national center for rehabilitation of people with heart conditions and for people susceptible to such conditions.

The cozy hotels and restaurants, the cultural monuments, the temples, the tennis-complex, the national race course, the mineral water swimming pool, the proximity of the Liulin Mountains, the traditional celebrations of the mineral water Goreshtlytsi will satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding guests of the town.

• Bankya is 700 m above sea level
• Climate: moderate-continental
• Average year temperature: 9.2 degrees


• - – "BDZ Passenger services" ltd - Railway transport
• - – Sofia Urban Mobility Centre
• - – Shuttle buses,23.1472905274+(%22Bankya,+centrum%22)&daddr=42.704405318,23.1245708558+(%22Ucheben+center+DKSI%22)&ie=UTF8&v=2.2&cv=5.0.11337.1968&hl=bg&z=15&geocode=FRCoiwIdGzNhAQ%3BFRWeiwIdW9pgAQ&dirflg=d

For facilitating the transportation to the Training Center by car, indicative signs in the centre of Bankya and on the road fork before the very centre were put.

Contact us:
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