Training on the protection of classified and foreign classified information

SCIS pays specific attention to the task assigned by the Classified Information Protection Act (CIPA) to organize and coordinate the training on handling classified information. The Commission involves expert and material-technical capacity for the extensive and efficient performance of this function. By the organization and carrying out of training courses different with regard to the type, period and participants SCIS directly contributes to the strengthening of the National System for the protection of classified information.

The training process is developed in several directions at one time. Priority is given to the activity on the preparation of information security officers:

  • all newly-employed information security officers are timely included in initial training courses on the protection of classified information;
  • information security officers, who have passed initial training course, participate in current and thematic trainings;

The courses for initial, current and thematic training of the Heads and Deputy-Heads are the second main field in the training activities of SCIS.

The course program for the initial training of the information security officers and the Heads of Registries is aimed at acquiring mandatory minimum of knowledge, skills and experience for handling classified information, and knowledge of CIPA and the sub-legislation in the field of the protection of classified information.

The current training program is different from the initial training. It includes mainly practical knowledge which is useful and attractive to those officials who have passed initial training on the protection of classified information in the Organizational Entities.

Taking into account the interest of the Organizational Entities and the necessity of enhancing the preparation in some types of protection of classified information, SCIS organizes and carries out thematic training courses. The attention is put on mainly on the protection of classified information in the automated information systems or networks; personnel, documentary and industrial security, classified information which is official secret, EU and NATO classified information. The thematic courses are designated to employees occupying positions in the field of protection of classified information, as well as to other persons from the organizational entities with access to classified information.

The so-called outside trainings organized by SCIS on the working places or in training centers of the trainees are convenient and saving working time and expenses of the Organizational Entities. In response to requests of Organizational Entities one-day or two-day courses for initial, current or thematic training of employees with access to classified information are organized jointly and are held in accordance with a program agreed by SCIS or with the participation of its lectors.